New Flavors, Website, Save Wraps

Bryan, OH - April 2001: Spangler Candy Company is excited to announce three brand new flavors, a new website for kids, and a new "Save Wraps for Stuff" program are now available for the enjoyment of Dum Dum Pops consumers.

For the first time ever, Spangler Candy has introduced three new Dum Dum Pops flavors at the same time to the "ten-plus" variety of flavors. The new flavors are Buttered Popcorn, Orange Cream, and Fruit Punch.

A complete list of Dum Dum flavors, as well as the opportunity to vote your favorite flavor, is on the company's brand new kid-focused website, located at The site, which opened the first week in April, features games, trivia, coloring pages,computer wallpaper and screen savers.

The debut of the website coincides with the official beginning of Spangler's "SaveWraps for Stuff" program. "Save Wraps for Stuff" allows consumers to save Dum Dum Pops wrappers and purchase unique Dum Dum Pop promotional items. Visitors to the new website can view "Save Wraps for Stuff" items on-line and print out an order form to send in with their wrappers. The initial six "Save Wraps for Stuff" items that can be purchased (along with the required 20 wrappers) are a kids' Dum Dum Pops cap, adult Dum Dum Pops cap, kids' Dum Dum Drum Man t-shirt, kids' Dum Dum Pops backpack, a Dum Dum Pops Velcro ball and catch set, and a kids' Dum Dum Pops watch. New"Save Wraps for Stuff" graphics have been added to Dum Dum Pops wrappers and bags beginning April 1, but any Dum Dum wrappers — including those without the new graphics — can be exchanged for items in the program.

Spangler Candy will maintain its corporate website at, providing detailed news and information about the company and its products, as well as the ability to order Spangler candy and promotional items directly from the on-line Sweet Shoppe.

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