Spangler Candy Introduces Sour Punch Candy Canes

Bryan, OH - June 2002: In response to the growing demand for sour flavors, Spangler Candy is introducing new Sour Punch flavored candy canes for Christmas 2002! Sour Punch candy canes are available in watermelon and strawberry flavors.

Sour Punch candy canes come in 4.5 oz., 9-count single-flavor cradles, packed in a 24-count display case with 12 cradles of watermelon and 12 cradles of strawberry in a case.

A.C. Nielsen data shows sour non-chocolate candy items in the food and drug class of trade grew 16.9 percent vs. one year ago, from $58 million to $68 for the 52-week period ending September 2001. The popular Sour Punch® flavor will appeal to kids of every age!

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Sour Punch® and its logo design is a registered trademark of the American Licorice Company.

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