Spangler Introduces New Jelly Belly Flavored Candy Canes

Bryan, OH - March 2000: Spangler Candy is introducing Jelly Belly® flavored candy canes for Christmas 2000! Original Jelly Belly flavors are offered in a Spangler premium quality candy cane. A 1/2 oz. bag of assorted Jelly Belly beans are included in every cradle and 50-count mini-pack.

The candy canes are available in four unique and popular Jelly Belly flavors; Very Cherry, Cotton Candy, Juicy Pear, and Green Apple. The .67 oz canes are offered in 12 count cradles in 24-pack display cases or 12-pack non-display cases. A 50-count assortment of .2 oz canes is also available in a 36-pack display case. Click here for the new product page featuring Jelly Belly flavored canes.

Jelly Belly® and its logo design, "The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean," "It's America's Favorite Jelly Bean," and the Mr. Jelly Belly character design are all registered trademarks of Herman Goelitz, Inc.

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