Spangler Candy Company New Items for Easter 2006

Bryan, OH - April 2005: Easter is a perfect opportunity for Disney, and Spangler Candy Company's latest offerings for 2006 highlight a number of different Disney characters. Winnie the Pooh tops the Easter popularity list, and Spangler's Winnie the Pooh Saf-T-Pops feature bright new packaging with full-color Disney Winnie the Pooh characters printed on individual lollipop wrappers. These lollipops come in an 8 oz bag size, packed 24s in a full color display case, or packed 12s in a non-display case. With an SRP of $1.79, this new item offers educational value with letters and numbers on every lollipop; teachers and parents are encouraged to visit the new Spangler website,, for educational tips and ideas for using Saf-T-Pops as a learning tool.

Winnie the Pooh Saf-T-Pops come in all-new Winnie the Pooh flavors, with Vitamin C added for extra nutrition: Pooh Honey Pot, Tigger-ific Orange, Eeyore Blue-berry, Piglet Cotton Candy, Rooberry Red, and Wise Owl Apple. And, as always, these pops are completely individually wrapped and come with the soft safety loop handle – perfect for young children!

Another brand new Winnie the Pooh lollipop items will highlight Spangler's Easter 2006 plans. Winnie the Pooh Lollipops are individual .5 oz. pops in 10 oz. bags, packed 24s in a display case, or packed 12s in a non-display case. These pops also come in an 8 oz. bag, packed 12s. SRP for the 10 oz. bag is $1.99, and SRP for the 8 oz. bag is $1.79.

Also on Spangler Candy's Easter 2006 offerings list are 80-count Easter Dum Dum Pops and 80-count Easter Dum Dum Gum Pops. The 80-count bag of Easter Dum Dum Pops includes an Easter mix of assorted flavors of Dum Dum Pops. Easter Dum Dum Pops are packed 24 bags to a case. SRP is $1.99.

Easter Dum Dum Gum Pops are a 80-count bag of miniature lollipops with bubble gum filling, in six Dum Dum flavor favorites: strawberry, green apple, grape, blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon. Dum Dum Gum Pops are packed 24 bags per case. SRP is $1.99. In business since 1906, Spangler Candy's line of quality confections includes Dum Dum Pops, Saf-T-Pops , Circus Peanuts and Marshmallow Treats, Spangler Chocolates, Spangler Candy Canes and Cane Classics®, Dum Dum® Candy Canes, Jelly Belly® Candy Canes, Sour Punch® Candy Canes, and Valentine, Easter, Halloween & Christmas candies.

Spangler also manufactures candy under the Disney® license, and Spangler is the exclusive distributor for Chupa Chups products in the United States.

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