Dum Dums Mystery Mania Promotion

BRYAN, Ohio, May 26, 2015 -- The wait is finally over. After thousands of emails, calls and tweets, Spangler Candy Company has introduced three of the most requested Dum Dums flavors in a new Mystery Mania promotion launched this spring.

Up to three limited edition Mystery Flavors, Bacon, Pizza and Buttered Popcorn, are available in specially marked bags of Dum Dums. These unique flavors are identified by a special mystery wrap that conceals the identity of the flavor (pizza, bacon or buttered popcorn) until it's opened and tasted. The flavors will be available for a limited time this spring and summer.

The new flavors are a direct response to consumer requests, and a bold step beyond the traditional flavors, which still will be included with the special mystery flavors in regular packages of Dum Dums.

"Year in and year out, bacon, pizza and buttered popcorn are among our most requested flavors," said Evan Brock, Marketing Director for Spangler. "Buttered Popcorn was briefly a flavor in 2001 and it generated an incredible amount of fan feedback, ranging from being overjoyed to complete disgust. We're excited to bring it back and we're anticipating the same 'love it' or 'hate it' reactions for bacon and pizza."

Spangler Candy also has launched www.MysteryPopNation.com, a new website designed to gather reactions and unite fans of the famous Dum Dums Mystery Flavor. Consumers can join the new "nation" and follow #MysteryPopNation on social media.

"MysteryPopNation will provide a venue to unite mystery fans as they discover and share these unique flavors," Brock continued. "MysteryPopNation will be a place for all feedback, both positive and negative. We want to share the range of emotions these flavors are sure to generate."

For more than 50 years, Dum Dums fans have enjoyed the fun of solving the Mystery Flavor famously identified by the question mark on the wrapper.

"Rest assured that you also will find your favorite flavors of Dum Dums in the promotional bags," said Brock. "Dum Dums are known for variety and we've taken that to the next level with Mystery Mania."

Single flavor tubs of the limited edition flavors also can be purchased online. Promotional Mystery Mania bags can be found at retailers nationwide.

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