Pat Hurley Wins 2003 Candy Hall of Fame Award

Philadelphia, PA - June 2003: Pat Hurley, Quality Assurance Director, was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Philadelphia PA on June 13. This award is comparable to the "third jewel" in the candy industry's "triple crown" of awards.

Pat received the Kettle Award in 2000, and the Stroud-Jordan Award in 1990. "Pat is the first person to be awarded all of the candy industry's major service awards," said Dean L. Spangler, President and CEO. "Pat's contributions in technical services, quality assurance and process control are respected and appreciated throughout our industry. This recognition brings pride to all of us at Spangler Candy Company." Pat's accomplishment was recently featured in The Bryan Times.

The Candy Hall of Fame is sponsored by the National Confectionery Sales Association (NCSA). An exhibit honoring all Candy Hall of Fame honorees is on display at Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. In 2000, Pat received Candy Industry's 55th annual Kettle Award, for his contributions in quality advancement, research and product development, and production and plant improvement.

Pat has been at Spangler Candy for 30 years, and is active in many candy industry organizations. In 1990, Pat received the American Association of Candy Technologists' Stroud Jordan Award, which recognizes devotion to candy technology, the production of quality candy and improvements in candy production and technology.

Other Spangler employees previously inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame include Greg Spangler (1992), Doug Taylor (1995), Lloyd Bryant (1997), and Bonnie Burgbacher (1999).

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