SweetNature Candy Canes

Bryan, OH - November 2013: With 100% natural flavors and no artificial colors, SweetNature™ Candy Canes use flavors from natural food sources to create delicious tastes. The bold stripes are created from the natural coloring found in vegetable juice. SweetNatureTM Candy Canes are also free of the top eight food allergens as identified by the FDA.

SweetNature™ Candy Canes are available in two flavor packs: traditional red and white Peppermint and Assorted Fruit. The Assorted Fruit mix contains a delicious selection of three 100% natural flavors: Ripe Strawberry, Honeycrisp Apple and Black Cherry.

For centuries, candy canes have been a simple holiday candy and decoration. SweetNature follows in that tradition as a naturally delicious treat for the whole family.

SweetNature™ Candy Canes are packed in 12 count, 6oz cradles with an SRP of $2.99.

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