New Sour Punch And Smarties Brand Candy Canes

Bryan, OH - February 2008: Spangler Candy Company introduces Sour Punch® and Smarties® Candy Canes for Christmas 2008, continuing the successful lines of other various branded canes that have garnered continuing sales increases for the company.

Spangler's new and innovative Sour Punch® candy canes have a hard candy outside and a super sour chewy center. The chewy center is a new patent-pending process developed by Spangler Candy. These new candy canes feature Sour Punch's top flavor, "Strikin' Strawberry". Each Sour Punch® candy cane will also feature the Sour Punch® logo printed on the wrapper. Sour Punch® is a top brand in the sour market and these new candy canes will deliver a unique and exciting eating experience. Sour Punch® candy canes are available in 8ct/6oz cradles packed in a 24ct case.

Smarties® candy canes bring a new twist to an old favorite. These fruit flavored candy canes build on the successful Smarties® brand which has been in the market since 1949. Over 2.5 BILLION rolls of Smarties® are produced annually! Smarties® candy canes feature a multi-color, eye catching striping pattern resembling the recognizable colors of a Smarties® roll. They are available in 12ct/6oz. cradles packed in 24ct case.

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