New Shrek Dum Dums Pops

Bryan, OH - April 2009: This fall, a new, totally cool lollipop for kids will hit store shelves - Dum Dum® Shrek® Pops! DreamWorks Animation and Spangler Candy created a co-branded lollipop that ties together the fun of Shrek with the great flavors and variety consumers expect from Dum Dums!

Dum Dum Shrek Pops have a delicious hard shell and scrumptious chewy center and are bigger than your average Dum Dum Pop. Every hard candy shell is a different flavor but the same color - "Shrek" green. Each of the five chewy centers is not only a different color, but also a totally different flavor.

The five flavor combos include: Double MelonTM, Sour Apple Caramel, Lime LemonTM, Mint Fudge, and OgreTM. What's Ogre? Ogre is ParfaitTM outside and Sweet Ogre EarwaxTM inside!

DreamWorks' Shrek has grown into one of the largest animated character franchises of all time: Shrek worldwide box office for the first 3 films (Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek the Third) alone exceeded $2 billion! "Shrek the Halls" - a Christmas tale since 2007, will be broadcast on ABC every year for the next 14 years.

Millions of kids enjoy year-round all of the Shrek films, now available on DVD. Shrek is featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with an estimated 53 million viewers and spectators in 2008. And the all new "Shrek the Musical" has begun on Broadway. There's even more new Shrek fun in the works: DreamWorks has slated "Shrek Goes Fourth" to be released in theaters in 2010.

Each Dum Dum Shrek Pops bag features all five flavor combos in a 13 oz bags, packed 24s per display case. The Dum Dum Shrek Pops 13 oz bag suggested retail price (SRP) is $2.79.

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