Key III Candies to Manufacture and Sell Spangler Chocolates

Bryan, OH - May 15, 2007: Spangler Candy Company of Bryan, Ohio, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Key III Candies of Fort Wayne, Indiana to continue the manufacture and sales of Spangler Chocolates.

Spangler Candy has sold the formulas and equipment for all of its bulk chocolate business to Key III Candies, a private confectionery company. Key III Candies will market, manufacture, and sell Spangler's premium Caramel, Maple, and Vanilla Peanut Clusters; Caramel Squares, Milk Chocolate Drops, and Dark Chocolate Drops.

Key III is anxious to serve all existing Spangler chocolate customers, and to expand the product's customer base. Spangler Candy is pleased that Key III will continue to meet the ongoing demand for these premium chocolates.

The two companies will work closely together to ensure that the product remains at the level of quality consumers have enjoyed for such a long time.

"Spangler Chocolates have been around for more than 90 years," said Gary Yarger, General Manager of Key III Candies. "As would be expected with a product with such a rich history, it has a loyal customer base. Key III Candies is committed to maintaining that customer base."

An important part of the transaction has been ensuring that Spangler Chocolates continue to be what customers expect. "Both internal and blind taste tests have shown that the Spangler Chocolates made by Key III Candies are equal in taste, quality, and consistency to those previously made in Bryan, Ohio," said Dean L. Spangler, President and CEO of Spangler Candy Company. "Key III Candies has a reputation as a quality candy manufacturer."

Key III Candies produces a wide assortment of peanut and pecan clusters, in addition to various other chocolate coated crèmes, pretzels, and popcorn. Key III Candies has been in business since 1973.

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