Jelly Belly Candy Canes Receive Merit Award

Bryan, OH - October 2008: Jelly Belly candy canes, manufactured and marketed by Spangler Candy Company, were presented the Merit Award for best seasonal candy offered in 2007. This award was presented during the annual Candy Hall of Fame banquet in Tampa, Florida on September 20, 2008.

The award was given based on votes received from all facets of the confectionary industry. Jelly Belly candy canes have enjoyed consistent market success since their introduction in 2002 and these fun and colorful candy canes have been created in a variety of true to life Jelly Belly flavors.

Spangler Candy is honored to receive this award and would like to extend special thanks to Jelly Belly Candy Company. Pat Hurley, Spangler Director of International Sales received the award on behalf of Spangler Candy. Pictured left to right are Pat Hurley of Spangler Candy, Marlene Machut and Beth Beasley of Mars Snackfood US, and Therese Frazier of Candy Planet.

Photo courtesy of Professional Candy Buyer magazine.

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