Increased Candy Cane Manufacturing Capacity

Bryan, OH - August 2011: Spangler Candy Company has announced plans to increase its candy cane manufacturing capacity in the Bryan Plant. The company was already in the midst of a major expansion of its Dum Dum Pops capacity.

President and CEO, Kirk Vashaw stated, "For the past 10 years, our candy cane strategy to overcome the US government's sugar price support program has been to produce our commodity candy canes in Mexico and produce the more difficult "branded" candy canes in Bryan. This strategy has worked, and we are the only significant cane maker left in the US. We have simply run out of branded cane capacity in Bryan and want the ability to expand our business. While our Mexico facility has capacity available and there would be a cost savings by using that capacity in Mexico, we will continue to follow our strategy and increase Bryan capacity. This is a direct result of the improvements our Bryan employees have made in Food Safety and in other areas to make ourselves more competitive."

The company will invest approximately $400,000 to upgrade and install two candy cane production lines. The work will be completed in the next nine months to be ready for part of the 2012 candy cane season. The company expects that when fully utilized the additional lines could add 20 to 30 people.

Spangler Chairman, Dean Spangler commented, "This is a win for our strategy, our Bryan plant, our employees, and our community. It proves that not only can we compete in the global marketplace, we are competing. Global cane competition remains extremely tough, but we are on the right track. In addition, our cane strategy has resulted in more consistent human resources needs and we have been able to avoid seasonal layoffs since 2007."

The company is currently in the process of it 84th and largest expansion of its plant since it began production at the Portland Street location in 1913. The expansion will support the continuing growth of Dum Dums and also allow the company to implement new technology for packaging all of the company's products. Steel roof trusses were recently erected for the 22,000 square foot building addition which will be completed in December. Equipment is on order with installation to begin in late 2011 and continue throughout 2012.

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