Dum Dums Candy Canes Feature Mickey Mouse and Friends

Bryan, OH - April 2004: Mickey Mouse and Friends are featured on two new Dum Dum Candy Cane items from Spangler Candy Company this year. Disney and Spangler celebrate Mickey's 75th birthday in 2004 with these two new items, including a 12 count cradle of .5 oz. canes, and a 52 count box of miniature size canes. Cradles include three candy cane flavors - strawberry, watermelon, and butterscotch - packed 24 per case. The mini canes come in four flavors - cherry, lemon, apple, and butterscotch - and are packed 36 per case.

"Spangler Candy Company brings these two new items into our holiday line-up with a great deal of excitement," said Jim Knight, Spangler Director - Marketing. "The combination of the Dum Dum brand and Mickey Mouse is perfect, because both represent quality, fun, and excellent consumer awareness. This is just the beginning for our inclusion of Disney's wonderful, family-fun characters into our own popular confectionery items."

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