Dean Spangler Awarded Distinguished Service Award

NCA Miami, FL - March 12, 2014: Dean Spangler, chairman of Spangler Candy Company, was recognized for his industry contributions with the National Confectioners Association's Distinguished Service Award last week during the group's annual conference in Miami, Florida. NCA is the leading association representing the entire confectionery industry.

Spangler, who has served on NCA's Executive Board and Board of Trustees as well as its Strategic Planning and Audit Committees, was honored for the impact he has made on the confectionery category during his time in the industry.

NCA Chairman and Jelly Belly Candy Company President and COO Bob Simpson presented Spangler with the award, saying that Spangler was instrumental in transforming Spangler Candy Company into an instantly recognizable brand as Dum Dums went from the fifth best-selling lollipop brand into the first on his watch.

"Dean is the reason Spangler has been so successful," said Simpson. "He accepts the challenges that come with the industry - even one as fun as ours. He epitomizes honest, hardworking and thoughtful values that are the very core of Spangler and its family founders."

Spangler Candy Company, founded in 1906, is currently in its fourth generation of family leadership and boasts a number of venerated leaders. Greg Spangler has served as the company's treasurer, vice president and chairman of the board, and Pat Hurley, Spangler's director of technical services and international sales, was given the Kettle Award in 2000. Duane Fox, who served as the company's executive vice president, received the prestigious Kettle Award in 1993 and NCA's Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

"It seems funny to get an award for doing something that was always enjoyable," said Spangler. "I'm proof that at the age of 66, if you do what you love, you'll love what you do."

Simpson also praised Dean for his foresight and his professionalism."He has challenged our thinking beyond immediate issues and encouraged us to look at long range goals," said Simpson. "He is always a consummate gentleman and an inspiration for those who have had the opportunity to work with him."

"During your lifetime, you develop a small circle of 'close' friends," said Spangler. "My surprising benefit from my NCA service is that a significant number of people I met through my NCA work have become those 'close friends.'"

Spangler has also shared his skills and dedication with volunteer organizations in the city of Bryan, Ohio, where Spangler Candy is based, and in 2001 he was named the "Entrepreneur of the Year" for Northwestern Ohio.

"I am most proud that Spangler Candy Company works diligently to serve the common good of the community," said Spangler. "Sure we are a business, but we have great responsibilities to our small town of Bryan, Ohio, and all the constituencies that comprise it. In 2013, after four defeats, our company went 'all in' in a local effort to pass a bond issues for our schools...We passed the levy and as a result completely new schools will be built in Bryan for pre-K through grade 12. I am convinced that our leadership was the critical factor in that accomplishment."

NCA's Distinguished Service Award is given to those individuals who work tirelessly during their careers, in cooperation with NCA, to benefit the confectionery industry in a lasting way.

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