Buttered Popcorn on Vacation / Sour Apple Returns

Bryan, OH - November 2001: Dum Dum Pops® consumers have spoken! Beginning November 1, Spangler Candy Company's Sour Apple flavor will return to the Dum Dum Pops assortment, and the new Buttered Popcorn flavor will go "on vacation." Consumers responded enthusiastically when they noticed Sour Apple missing from the Dum Dum Pops flavor mix. One writer who begged the company to "reconsider your decision" said that not being able to share Sour Apple flavored Dum Dums with his son "truly will be a sad day." Another wrote simply, "What happened to Sour Apple? Bring it back!" Buttered Popcorn flavor also generated a lot of response from consumers, some who love the flavor, and others who do not. Buttered Popcorn Dum Dums will remain available in single flavor boxes, sold on the Spangler On-line Candy Shoppe, located at www.spanglercandy.com.

Thousands of consumers have visited Spangler's newest website, www.dumdumpops.com, to vote for their favorite flavor and to send in their comments. "Voting on dumdumpops.com allows Spangler Candy Company to get important feedback from the consumer in determining our next flavor," said Dean L. Spangler, President & CEO. Spangler Candy this year began implementing their new Dum Dum Pops flavor rotation program to generate consumer excitement about the product. "We will keep the majority of our original flavors that everyone loves," said Mr. Spangler, "and rotate new ones into the assortment every year or so." Dum Dum Pops are available in 12 flavors, plus the Mystery Flavor™," providing more flavors in each package than any other lollipop manufacturer.

Consumers are enthusiastic about the product's flavors and quality. "Letters and e-mails about Dum Dum flavors tend to be quite passionate," said Mr. Spangler. "Consumers have begged us to bring back Sour Apple flavor, and we are listening." Mr. Spangler noted that the company's flavor rotation is designed so that any flavor can re-enter or be added to the assortment. "That's why we say a flavor is 'on vacation,'" he explained. Future vacation plans for existing flavors or the introduction of new flavors is determined by our loyal Dum Dum Pops consumers, through the website and other correspondence." Buttered Popcorn flavor Dum Dums were introduced early this year, along with Orange Cream and Fruit Punch flavors, as part of the company's plan to regularly rotate flavors and appeal to the varying tastes of consumers. When the three new flavors were introduced, Sour Apple, Orange and Lemon flavors went "on vacation."

Voting choices for flavors on the dumdumpops.com website includes experimental flavors as well as existing flavors. To cast a vote, website visitors should click on the "Vote for Flavors" icon, click the boxes to indicate their favorite flavors, then submit their entry. The site also includes a place to write in new flavor ideas. "We monitor consumer response on our website daily," Mr. Spangler said. "Consumers' votes very definitely impact our flavor decisions." Consumers who visited the dumdumpops.com website when it was new but have not been back in a while may want to visit again, Mr. Spangler added. The site has been updated with new graphics and easier access to information.

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