Learn How Saf-T-Pops Are Made

Saf-T-Pops in a jarSaf-T-Pops in a jar
Saf-T-Pops in a jar

The Saf-T-Pop has a unique manufacturing process. The ingredients liquid sugar and corn syrup are pumped into a pre-cooker in the Saf-T-Pop kitchen. In the pre-cooker these two ingredients are heated up. This process completely mixes these ingredients and discharges them into a vacuum cooker where the mass is cooked for about 5 minutes. The vacuum removes the cooked off moisture and cools the mass.

When the cooking is finished, the batch is 100 pounds and is placed into a transportation vessel. Here the batch has the appropriate ingredients added such as citric acid, color, and flavor. The citric acid is added to reduce the sweetness of the batch and helps assist with the flavor release. After the addition of the ingredients the batch is then moved to a kneader and mixed for 5 minutes. After the batch is mixed, it is placed into a batch holder and extruded through a cutter and into a press which forms the candy into a disc around the loop handle.

The candy is transferred to a wrapper, inspection belt, cooling system, metal detection, and final packaging for boxes and bulk cases. The Saf-T-Pops are then stored in warehouses until they are shipped.

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