Dum Dums Color Party

Introducing our new Dum Dums Color Party! America's favorite lollipops available in fun, bright colors making them perfect for crafting and decorating for any themed event. Available in 75 count bags in our online store!

Planning a birthday or a fun, themed event? Dum Dums Color Party Lollipops are the perfect addition to any celebration. Everyone's favorite lollipops are available in 13 colorful wrappers making them great for crafts including centerpieces, topiaries and more! 

Dum Dums Color Party Lollipop wrapper colors and flavors include Red Strawberry, Hot Pink Watermelon, Light Pink Bubble Gum, Orange Orange, Yellow Cream Soda, Bright Green Sour Apple, Light Blue Blu Raspberry, Ocean Blue Cotton Candy, Blue Blueberry, Purple Grape, Black Black Cherry, Silver Tropi-Berry and White Birthday Cake Dum Dums. 

Dum Dums by color are available in 75 count bags with four per case. Get creative and have fun with Dum Dums Color Party Lollipops!

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