When the Dum Dums brand was acquired in 1953, Spangler Candy needed a way to promote the lollipops. The idea of selling toys and prizes for a reduced price when mailing saved wrappers was born.

In May 1953, the first "Dum Dums Wastebasket Deal" was a regulation size rubber baseball as well as an all metal wastebasket for 15 cents and 15 wrappers.  This deal was considered a "double premium" and help sales skyrocket as kids all over the country would send in their wrappers and necessary change.

The prize items offered in the beginning years of the program were yo-yo tops, basketballs, footballs, baseballs and bats, binoculars, toy cars, maps, checker set, balloons, space satellite launcher, identificatoin bracelets, and flying saucers. 

With the "Wastebasket Deal" helping sales hit high marks, Spangler Candy Company continued to advertise the program on televisions. One promotion was a one-minute film of a situation sketch employing a hand puppet named "Little Chief Dum Dum" on stations in the northeastern Indiana area.

Our Save Wraps for Stuff program is now concluded. For information on our Save Wraps for Stuff program please go to the Save Wraps for Stuff page for more details.

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