This photo shows Dum Dums packaging in 1953. Over 84 million Dum Dums, amounting to 2 million pounds of candy, were made during the first year of production.

Dum Dums suckers in 1953Dum Dums suckers in 1953
Dum Dums suckers in 1953

Dum Dums have a Mystery Flavor™ with question marks on the wrapper. This flavor is a secret. We can only reveal that the Mystery Flavor™ continuously changes and is not limited to current Dum Dums flavors. It's up to Dum Dums fans to guess the flavor of each of these mysterious pops. You just don't know what you might get!

There have been many great Dum Dums flavors in our history. We're always coming up with great new flavors for our products. Check out our web site at and vote for your favorite flavors.

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