How Circus Peanuts are Made

Spangler Circus Peanuts

A mixture of sugar and water is pumped into a cooking vessel. A small amount of pectin is added to help the softness of the texture. The corn syrup is added next and the mass is pumped into a cooling tank and cooled. The gelatin is added along with the color and flavor. The batch is further cooled and a small amount of powdered sugar is added to start the graining process. After this the batch is pumped through an aerator which whips the mass and then deposits the batch into a tray with starch in which circus peanut impressions are placed. The starch removes moisture during the drying time. 

Circus Peanuts starch tray

After 24 hours of drying, the marshmallow candies are removed from the tray and directed through an air bath to remoce excess starch. The starch is dried, sieved, cooled and placed back into the starch tray for continued production. The circus peanuts are conveyed through metal detectors and onto the final packaging operation. The packaged circus peanuts pass through metal detectors a second time and are ready to be shipped.

Circus Peanuts starch removal
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