We handle all orders with care...especially our Mini Candy Canes. Learn how we protect our Mini Candy Canes for you and your customers.

Extra packaging for Mini Cane e-commerce ordersExtra packaging for Mini Cane e-commerce orders
Extra packaging for Mini Cane e-commerce orders


Spangler Candy is a major manufacturer of candy canes, and has been crafting beautiful candy canes since 1953.  About half of the candy canes sold at retail during the Christmas season are manufactured by Spangler Candy. 

We also have a web site, where businesses and consumers can order candy canes to be delivered to them.  Candy canes, and especially mini canes, can be fragile, and need to withstand shipping to arrive to you, our customer, in good condition. 

While we cannot guarantee 100% of your candy canes will arrive unbroken, we do add extra packaging to every candy cane order, at no extra expense, to protect candy canes from breakage during shipment.

Other manufacturers and online companies may not do this, so be sure to order from us, and ensure your order arrives in good condition.

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