Dum Dums Pumpkins

Transform your Dum Dums into a pumpkins! Great for craft nights, goodie bags or festive decorations!

Dum Dums PumpkinsDum Dums Pumpkins


  • Dum Dums
  • Orange Tissue Paper
  • Green Pipe Cleaners

How to make it

1. Cut orange tissue paper into Dum Dum wrapper sized squares

2. Cut green pipe cleaners into 3 inch pieces

3. Fold the top (about 3/4 inch) of the tissue paper square down

4. Place wrapped Dum Dum in the middle of the tissue paper square, under the fold

5. Wrap the Dum Dum starting with one side and overlapping with the next, twisting around the base untill it looks like a wrapped Dum Dum

6. Wrap pipe cleaner around the base of the lollipop to look like a pumpkin vine

7. Stand the wrapped Dum Dum stick side up and enjoy!

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