Dum Dums DIY Easter Bunny

What could be more precious than Easter chicks, lambs, and, of course, BUNNIES? Gather your kids 'round the table, because they'll love making these adorable DIY Easter Bunny Crafts using Dum Dum Pops. Give 'em away as Easter treats, or simply enjoy making them for you're a fun crafting project - either way, these little guys are so cute we're pretty sure you won't ever want to eat them. This easy craft project is a great way to celebrate springtime!

Dum Dums Easter Bunny CraftDum Dums Easter Bunny Craft


  • 1" flat wooden hearts
  • Wooden beads (Make sure the hole in the bead is big enough to accommodate a Dum Dum stick). We used beads just slightly smaller than the Dum Dum Pop.
  • White acrylic pant
  • Foam brush
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Small pink pom poms
  • White pom poms (in two sizes)
  • Self-adhesive googly eyes
  • Glue

How to make it

  1. Paint the wooden hearts and balls with white acrylic paint. These will be the bunny feet and the bunny heads.
  2. Once dry, take a spring-colored Dum Dum Pop and glue the top of it to a wooden heart. Make sure the top of the heart is showing - these are the "bunny feet."
  3. Thread a bead onto Dum Dum Pop - this is the "head."
  4. Affix eyes to the head. It's easiest if you use stick-on eyes, but you can also glue them on if you prefer. Also glue on a pink pom pom for the nose and two smaller white pom poms for the teeth.
  5. Then glue on two larger white pom poms to either side of the Dum Dum Pop to make bunny arms.
  6. Finally, take two 3" lengths of white pipe cleaner. Make a loop with each. These are the ears. We were able to stick the ends inside hole of the bead and secure with a small dab of glue.
  7. And in just a few easy steps (or should we say hops?) you have adorable lollipop Easter bunny creations!
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