Dum Dums Centerpiece

This New Year's Craft may look like a lot of work, but each step is really quite simple! Both a decoration and a special treat, this starry silver and gold table centerpiece--complete with star-shaped chocolate-covered Dum Dums--is the perfect addition to any New Year's party snack table.

Dum Dums CenterpieceDum Dums Centerpiece


  • 1 Foam Base
  • 1 Silver Party Hat
  • 3 Silver Star Sprays
  • Silver Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 Gold Star Garland
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Silver and Gold Curling Ribbon
  • Optional: Gold Cardstock
  • Star Lollipop Mold
  • White Melting Chocolate
  • Silver Sprinkles

How to make it

Making the base:

  1. 1. Spray Paint the Foam Base. Take the gold spray paint outside or in a well-ventilated area. A piece of newspaper under the foam base will keep the paint from getting everywhere. Make sure to let the paint dry before moving on to step two. (This is the perfect time to make the lollipops. See directions for them at the bottom of this page.)
  2. Attach the Party Hat. Poke a silver pipe cleaner into the center of the foam base. Slide the party hat down over top, pulling the pipe cleaner through the hole in the tip of the hat. You will be attaching a lollipop to the top of the hat with the same pipe cleaner later.
  3. Slide the Garland over the Party Hat. You don't even need to unravel the garland. Just put the whole thing on until it encircles the bottom, and it will look like part of the hat!
  4. Add the Silver Star Sprays. Poke the sprays into the foam base, behind the party hat. Arrange them in a fan shape, with the middle one sticking above the rest.
  5. Make a Border with the Pipe Cleaners. Cut each pipe cleaner into 3 equal parts. Stick them in around the edge of the foam base, making little arches all the way around, like in the picture.
  6. Stick in the Lollipops. We stuck in two chocolate covered Dum Dums on either side, and then put three without chocolate in the front to add some extra gold color.
  7. For the lollipop on top of the hat, we took the pipe cleaner sticking out the top and curled it into a tight spiral, which was enough to prop up the lollipop once it was stuck down through the tip of the hat.
  8. Optional Step: Make a "Happy New Year" sign to decorate the front! We taped ours to the middle Dum Dum.

Making the star lollipops

  1. Pour Sprinkles into the Star Mold. Putting the sprinkles in first is important, so they will be on the front of the lollipops.
  2. Melt the Chocolate. Our chocolate discs had directions for melting in a microwave safe bowl, but a double boiler on the stovetop will work just as well.
  3. Pour Chocolate into the Star Mold. Make sure you drag the spoon into the corners to fill the entire star, so you will get nicer shapes.
  4. Press in the Dum Dums. Don't worry about the Dum Dum being only half submerged in chocolate. They will stay in once the chocolate dries!
  5. Decorate with Ribbon. Once the chocolate has set, carefully remove the lollipops from the star mold. Tie silver and gold curling ribbon to each, curling the ribbon with scissors.

Place your finished table centerpiece where everyone can see it. If you have extra star lollipops, leave them out in a bowl for family and guests to eat up first. That way your lovely centerpiece will stay intact a little longer!

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