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Sweethearts - America's Favorite Heart-Shaped Candy returns in 2021!

When you're thinking of Valentine's Day gifts, three things come to mind: cards, candy, and jewelry. You may be surprised to learn that in recent years, Valentine's candy has been the top seller of the three.* Think about it: candy brings a smile to every face. It's less expensive than diamonds and gold, and giving your loved one their favorite candy conveys as much thoughtfulness, and probably more fun, than a greeting card.

Spangler Candy has a variety of Valentine's Day candy, including one of the most popular - Sweethearts conversation heart-shaped candy is returning in 2021! While supplies were limited this year, we're excited to bring everyone's favorite Valentine candy hearts back to store shelves.

If your favorite people prefer chewy candy, Spangler's candy store has popular options like Swedish Fish, Starburst, and Skittles. For lollipop lovers, you can't go wrong with Dum Dums! Show your loved ones how well you know them by giving them Dum Dums in their favorite flavors!

Bulk Valentine's Day Candy for Giveaways and Classrooms

Whether you want to say thank you to your clients or you're a teacher with a class full of adorable kids, buying Valentine's Day candy in large quantities will save you time and money. Our candy store has everything, including lollipops, hard candy, chewy candy, mints, and mixes. There's literally something for everyone! And many of your favorites are free of most allergens and gluten - making them worry-free!

Get Crafty for the Holiday

Color Party Dum Dums and Sweethearts candy hearts make fantastic additions to Valentine's Day decorations, greeting cards, and baked goods. Check out our holiday crafts and recipes for ideas.


*Statistic courtesy of the>National Retail Federation.

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