Bulk Lollipops for Parades


Each year, S&P equipment, Wisconsin’s largest new and used restaurant equipment distributor, partners with Papa Luigi’s Pizza [this link should open in a new window] to bring two Independence Day Parades to their community. The Oak Creek and Cudahy parades bring out 2,000 people who look forward to seeing the giant eight and a half foot Big Boy and Al Capone statues, as well as fun and colorful floats.

Most importantly, the kids in the crowd love that thousands of Dum Dums and other candies are thrown from the floats right into their waiting hands.


The parade has been a big hit for S&P and Papa Luigi’s for many years, but they often had trouble ordering enough candy without spending a fortune. In the past, they ordered Dum Dums five pounds at a time from Amazon, but found that it was difficult to not only get the number of candies they needed, but also quite costly. They also did not have access to a wide variety of other affordable bulk candies, like root beer barrels or mints.


Three years ago, parade organizers discovered they could order bulk candy directly from SpanglerCandy.com. Not only could organizers order up to 30 pounds of Dum Dums, they also found their favorite Root Beer Barrels and Red Bird Peppermint Puffs, all at a fraction of what they were paying to order through Amazon.


Now, S&P and Papa Luigi’s throw out eight to nine bulk boxes of candy during the parades (that’s roughly 20,000 pieces of candy!), without worrying about cost. While they’re happy that they’ve saved money and they have access to lots of affordable bulk candy through SpanglerCandy.com, they say the biggest reward boils down to just one thing: happy, smiling kids!

Learn more about the benefits of buying parade candy, or order bulk candy online today for your next community gathering!

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