Brighten the day at the doctor's office, or ease the nervousness of a child getting a shot at the health clinic, with one of their favorite candies, a Dum Dum Pop or Saf-T-Pop.

Patient with Dum DumPatient with Dum Dum
Patient enjoys a Dum Dum at the doctor's office

With many assorted flavors, you're sure to have the right one on hand for each patient. Our Dum Dums and Saf-T-Pops are free of the top common allergens and gluten-free.

Our selection is wide and includes various flavors and colors. Start off with our assorted flavors of Dum Dum Pops (16 great flavors + the Mystery Flavor™). We even carry single flavor options.

Another favorite giveaway candy is the Saf-T-Pop, also manufactured by Spangler, and a particular favorite of pediatricians. Parents appreciate that each Saf-T-Pop has a safe, loop handle and is completely wrapped, handle and all.

A visit to the hospital is never fun, but even your adult patients will enjoy these well-known treats, and appreciate the gesture of hospital candy. After all, we're all kids on the inside.

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