Churches of various denominations use Spangler Candy in an assortment of ways. Our church candy has been used as an instrument in teaching Sunday School students about scripture and for various Sunday School crafts and activities.

Kids enjoy singing at churchKids enjoy singing at church
Kids enjoy singing at church

Other fun ways to use our church candy is to make cards and crafts for special occasions or fundraisers. 

Our assortment of bulk church candy includes:

We also have single flavor Dum Dum Pops, Circus Peanuts, Smarties Candy and Candy Canes! We provide easy ordering and if you choose to participate in our auto-ship program, your church will receive 5% off all orders.

Saf-T-Pops are the quality treat that you can be happy giving out. Trusted by organizations and professional services to say thank you and provide moms peace of mind.  Most of our giveaway candy lollipops are free of the top common allergens and gluten-free.

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