Bulk Lollipops for a Digital Agency

“We love having products we can hand out to our clients. While we always make sure to have Karcher Group branded products at our front desk, we also make sure to have something sweet to give to anyone and everyone who comes through our door—including our employees!” – Geoff Karcher, The Karcher Group.


The Karcher Group (TKG), an online marketing company located in Canton, Ohio, has been serving a large variety of clients in the Northeastern Ohio area. Like many businesses, The Karcher Group offers small, branded items to their guests as well as a sweet treat for both their employees and clients.


TKG was having a difficult time keeping their candy supply fully stocked without making numerous trips to the grocery store. Not to mention, the costs from buying candy the traditional way and not in bulk was inconvenient.


TKG decided to go with a small, tasty and instantly recognizable candy that clients and employees alike could quickly grab whether they were on their way out the door to a meeting or coming in for work. Instead of expensive trips to the store, they were able to order Dum Dums in bulk directly from the Spangler Candy website in shipping sizes that made the most sense for their business.


The Karcher Group loves the freedom and convenience of ordering directly online and having the products shipped directly to their office, saving costs and time that would be wasted making routine trips to the store. The company happily places Dum Dums along with their other small branded items at their front desk so that each of their clients could leave with something sweet and tasty.

Learn more about the benefits of bulk candy for your business, or order bulk candy online today for your business!

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