Bulk Lollipops at Family Security Credit Union


Family Security Credit Union has been serving the state of Alabama since 1953. Like many financial institutions, the credit union has offered candy as a part of their overall approach to member service for many years.


Previously, the credit union offered Dum Dums to their members, but since they were not buying in bulk at the time, it was not cost efficient or convenient. They changed to a generic lollipop that they were able to order from one of their supply vendors.

Unfortunately, the generic lollipops not only had to be shipped first to Family Security’s main branch and then distributed individually by an employee to another 20 branches, they were also of poor quality and did not taste good. In fact, several of the branch managers noticed that not even kids wanted them!


Family Security Credit Union decided to switch back to giving away delicious and recognizable Dum Dums. After a quick online search, they discovered they could order Dum Dums in bulk right from SpanglerCandy.com. With flat rate shipping and the availability to ship new cases directly to each of their 20 branches, the company was able to save time and money while improving quality and increasing smiles through their giveaway candy.


The credit union loves the convenience of being able to order online and ship direct to their branches. They also report that the bright colored and flavorful Dum Dums look great in the plastic vases they display at each teller station. Many members enjoy being able to come into the branch and pick out their favorite flavor, and of course, most kids leave with a handful. Most of all, Family Security appreciates that they have a great, easy way to show their members that they care.

Learn more about the benefits of bulk candy for your business, or order bulk candy online today for your bank or credit union!

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