Dum Dums Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft

Store-bought Valentines are quick and easy, but nothing compares to the special surprise of a handmade Valentine's Day card craft, especially when a yummy treat is part of the creation. These butterfly Valentines are so cute they're almost guaranteed to fly into little hands as soon as they're spotted, so be sure to make plenty! Gather your kids at the table for an afternoon of easy Valentine's Day crafting fun. Even small kitchen helpers can assist with this simple project. If you buy pre-cut foam hearts like we did, this project becomes even quicker!

Dum Dums Valentine's Day Butterfly CraftDum Dums Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft


  • Foam hearts (we bought pre-cut hearts at the craft store in assorted sizes)*
  • Glue
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Hole punch
  • Gel pen or fine-pointed marker (optional)

How to make it

  1. Choose the color theme for your card. We chose pink and white hearts.
  2. Lay the pointed end of the large heart on top of the pointed end of the other large heart. Your hearts should overlap by about 1 ½" or so. Glue them together.
  3. Then take your smaller hearts and glue them on each "wing" to add more color and interest.
  4. In the middle of your card, make two holes vertically, about an inch or so apart. Use a small hole punch if needed.
  5. Thread a Dum Dums Pop through the holes, so that the lollipop is the "head" of the butterfly.
  6. Take a 3" length of black pipe cleaner, make a "V", and glue to the back of the Dum Dum Pop. These are the butterfly's antennas.
  7. Finish your card by writing a Valentine's Day greeting or the recipient's name. Or you can leave them as is; it's up to you!

*You can also buy sheets of thin foam and cut your own hearts.

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