Dum Dum Pop Flower Valentines

Everyone loves to receive Valentine's Day cards, but a homemade card with a sweet treat is extra-special! Add a personalized touch to your Valentine's Day candy cards this year with a homemade card containing a Dum Dum Pop. Our Valentine's Day heart and flower cards are so easy that even little kids can join in the fun. Follow our step-by-step directions or use our ideas as your "inspiration" and take these crafts in your own unique direction. The possibilities are endless!

Dum Dum Pop Flower ValentinesDum Dum Pop Flower Valentines


  • Solid cardstock in red or pink (we used 12" x 12" sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Nice pen or sharpie

How to make it

  1. Choose the color theme for your card. We chose pinks and reds for the season.
  2. Either print out a flower template to trace or free-hand your own design, making sure each flower is about 3 ½" to 4" in diameter.
  3. If using 12" x 12" cardstock, you should be able to fit about nine flowers on each page.
  4. Cut out the flowers using your scissors.
  5. Once the flowers are cut out, write a message on each flower, making sure not to write in the center of the flower (that's where the Dum Dum Pop will go). If possible, leave about a 1" circle in the middle of the card.
  6. Some message ideas:
    • Sweet Talk (extra cute since you're including a lollipop)
    • Be Sweet (same here)
    • Be Mine
    • Cutie Pie
  7. Pierce the center of the flower with a small hole punch, a pen, or the end of the lollipop. Don't make the hole too big or the stick of the Dum Dum Pop won't stay put. Insert the Dum Dum through the hole, and voila, the lollipop makes the center of the flower!
  8. For an extra personal touch, add a paper leaf to your flower card and write the recipient's name on the leaf.

All done! You're ready to pass out your extra sweet homemade cards!

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