Turkey Topiary

Sweeten up your Thanksgiving celebration with this adorable Dum Dums Turkey Topiary!

Turkey TopiaryTurkey Topiary


How to make it

How to make it

1. Attach the two styrofoam balls using a wooden dowel. Use the smaller ball for the head and place the larger ball in the clay pot.

2. Start with the body of the turkey, sticking Dum Dums into the styrofoam until covered.

3. Use a wire cutter to shorten the sticks of the Dum Dums used for the head. Insert shortened Dum Dums into the ball until the head of the turkey is covered.

4. Cut feathers for your turkey from construction paper, glue together then glue to the back of the turkey.

5. Glue googley eyes, and an orange triangle to complete the face.

6. Paint a small clay pot black with gold accents to make a pilgrim hat for your turkey.

7. Enjoy!

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