Colorful Candy Cane Vase

Are you looking for fun and unique homemade Christmas decorations? Instead of overpriced, generic decorations from the big-box stores, be creative and make your own Christmas centerpieces. Homemade Christmas decorations are sure to stand out, not only because each are unique but also because they act as conversation starters. Add this merry, colorful holiday centerpiece to your list of Christmas craft projects this season and have it complete before the festivities begin. [image:1]

Colorful Candy Cane VaseColorful Candy Cane Vase


  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Tin can (recycle one from your pantry)
  • Rubber Band
  • Double sided tape
  • Decorative paper (12" x 12")
  • Greenery
  • Colored berry sprigs

How to make it

  1. Make sure your tin can is clean, both in and out. Begin by taking one candy cane and placing hot glue on the straight portion and quickly placing vertically on the can. Take the next color and do the same, occasionally adding a dot of glue on the side to bind each candy cane together as well. Take each color and alternate their placement in order to spread colors out, and create consistency.
  2. Once the tin has been covered all the way around, take a rubber band and secure it in the middle, this will create stability and keep candy canes in place while the glue fully dries.
  3. Cut a 3" by 12" inch strip of decorative paper. Fold in a quarter inch from both sides to equal 2.5" by 12", this will keep the edges clean. Take the paper and wrap around the middle of the candy canes, over the rubber band, and secure with a strip of double sided tape.
  4. Place greenery and decorative berries inside the vase to create height to your homemade Christmas decoration.
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