Candy Cane Snowmen

Make a joyous occasion of creating this Christmas craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners this holiday season. Christmas ornament crafts allow you to spend time laughing and playing with your kids, as well as making memories. Whether you use these cute felt crafts as party favors, or handmade Christmas decorations, you'll be sure to have fun and have them as keepsakes for years to come! Use this opportunity to spend time with your little ones by making Christmas crafts for preschoolers and kindergarteners with items you probably have floating around the house. If not, have fun time letting them pick their favorite felt colors and munch on leftover candy canes. [image:1]

Candy Cane SnowmenCandy Cane Snowmen


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thin ribbon or yarn
  • Black marker
  • Plastic eyes (optional)

How to make it

For the candy cane hat:

  1. Choose the color of felt you would like to make your candy cane snowman's hat and scarf; remember you can mix and match!
  2. For the hat, cut a 2" by 5" strip of felt. With that felt strip, use your candy cane as a guide to wrap the felt around into a tube, then hot glue the tube shut along the long side.
  3. Let the felt 'tube' dry, and place it on the cane portion of the candy cane. Leave most of the straight section exposed. Find where the candy cane's curve ends and tie a piece of ribbon or yarn over the felt tube. This will create and close the hat.
  4. Once you have tied your hat shut, you can choose to leave it as is or cut small slivers in order to make a fringed hat.

For the candy cane scarf and nose:

  1. For the scarf, cut a ¾" by 5" strip of felt from your color of choice, use this to wrap around the candy cane about half way. Once tied onto the candy cane, you may leave it as is, or cut slivers in it for fringe.
  2. For the carrot nose, cut a small triangle from orange or yellow felt and glue to the straight part of the candy cane about ½" below the hat.
  3. Use a black marker to draw on two eyes and a mouth. Or, use plastic eyes in order to create a more three dimensional, silly look.
  4. These cute Christmas crafts for kids can be used as puppets, toys or even to hang on your Christmas tree! Spending time crafting with your little ones will make this holiday season all the more merry.
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