Candy Cane Reindeer Card

Christmas cards are an exciting part of the holiday season, and receiving handmade Christmas cards make the occasion even better. Knowing the sender has put a warm touch on wishing you a happy holiday makes the gesture extra-special. Your family can send handmade Christmas cards this year; it's simple when you have found a few Christmas card ideas. This idea doubles as a candy cane reindeer craft as well as a card. It is simple to make, especially with supplies you may have laying around your home. Using mini candy canes and scrapbook paper, you will be able to craft this card up quickly using these step by step instructions, with room to vary your design.

Candy Cane Reindeer CardCandy Cane Reindeer Card


  • Solid cardstock in red, brown and white (8 x 11 inches)
  • Striped or holiday-themed scrapbook paper (complementary color to cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker or colored pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun stick

How to make it

  1. Choose the color theme for your card. We chose traditional reds for the season, along with funky prints for a fun pop of color.
  2. Fold your card stock in half (wide-ways) to make a card. Make sure you have a flat crease, that way the card stays shut.
  3. Cut the printed paper so that it is half an inch less in length and width than the front of your cardstock. Apply the glue stick to the back of the printed paper and place onto the card stock. This will be the background to your reindeer.
  4. Next, take the brown card stock and cut out a reindeer. (You can vary shapes for these cards depending on your favorites.)
  5. The next step is cutting out the reindeer's ears and eyes. You will cut out ovals for the eyes using white cardstock and use a marker to color the pupils pointing in the direction of your choice. The tear drop shaped ears can be made of printed paper or solid cardstock. Use the glue adhere the ears and eyes in the correct area.
  6. Add the reindeer's antlers (mini candy canes), canes facing out, onto the back of the reindeer's head. Attach the two mini candy canes using tape.
  7. Next, add two drops of hot glue to the candy cane sides that will touch the card. Glue the entire reindeer head to the patterned paper in the middle
  8. The next step that makes this handmade Christmas card stand out is using a red Dum Dum Pop for the nose. You will need to cut the stick off of the lollipop and use a hot glue gun to apply to the reindeer's nose. Hold in place for 15 seconds to assure the nose doesn't roll off. (If you want the nose to be a little smaller, you can break the lollipop into two and glue the flat part down.)
  9. Allow all glue to set and dry completely before writing on the inside. Give this card in person or mail in a padded enveloped with "please hand stamp" on the outside to keep the candy canes from breaking.

Another great variation of this Christmas card idea is to use it as a place holder for dinner guest and party attendees. Take a 3"x1" piece of paper matching your card and write the name of your guest, then place that piece of paper behind the mini candy canes. These can sit up against a glass or be set on a dinner plate for a festive jolt of fun to any place setting!

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