Candy Cane Centerpiece

It's time to deck the halls, but not necessarily with bows and holly. Some of the simplest Christmas craft ideas can make your home look cozy, festive and inviting for the season. Instead of fighting the crowds at home decorating stores, make your own unique decorations to spruce up your home interior. This craft takes the festive scent and look of peppermint and allows you to create simple Christmas centerpieces for a variety of rooms in your home or business. Follow our directions to the tee, or go on a whim and create your own version of our candy cane centerpiece. [image:1]

Candy Cane CenterpieceCandy Cane Centerpiece


  • Gallon plastic bag
  • White Pillar Candle
  • Glass hurricane jar
  • Red ribbon (with wire)

How to make it

  1. Place 6" pillar candle in the center of your 7" hurricane jar.
  2. Place 2 jumbo candy canes in a plastic bag at a time. Break into larger pieces using a rolling pin or mallet. Make sure not too crush into too small of pieces, or powder. Continue until all candy cane sticks are broken.
  3. Add the peppermint candy cane pieces into the hurricane jar around the pillar candle. You should still have about 2"-2.5" of candle still visible. By leaving some candle showing, you will be able to burn it without burning the candy.
  4. Next, you will take your wire ribbon and tightly wrap it around the center of the hurricane jar. Complete with your choice of bow.

You can vary this craft by adding a festive colored pillar candle, change the color of ribbon or the shape of the hurricane jar. There are unlimited options to create a number of simple Christmas centerpieces.

Christmas season creates a perfect opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. Spend that time making crafts; whether fun and simple, or classic and homey, you are sure to have a great time this holiday season.

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