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Enjoy Spangler Candy Canes this holiday season!

Enjoy Spangler Candy Canes this holiday season!
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Spangler Candy Customer Testimonials

A few selected comments from our websites including our Spangler Fulfillment Center.

I just wanted to take this moment to tell your company how incredibly thankful I am for your commitment to being free of the top 8 allergens. I know I speak for allergy parents everywhere that it is such a genuine blessing to have a candy that we feel 100% confident giving our kids. Thank you so much and I genuinely wish your company all the success in the world. We are loyal customers and I recommend you to every person I possibly can that is looking for a candy that is safe for all children. J.K. 11/26/13

My son, Aidan, is 2 1/2 years old and was diagnosed just before his first birthday with Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis. He has numerous severe food allergies and gets all of his nutrition through a feeding tube. This is further complicated by his dye allergies, which exclude most candies. Your Cream Soda flavored dum dums, because they contain no natural flavors and no dyes, are SAFE for him! Please know that what you do is so important to us - it's really these small things that make big differences to a child's quality of life. C.S. 8/1/13

Thank you so much, and I cannot wait to tell everyone I know how wonderful it is to work with a company like yours. I look forward to ordering more Dum Dum suckers soon! Once again, thank you! J.H. 4/10/13

I am writing to tell you how surprised I was to find that my order was delivered so quickly. Thank you so much for your promptness!  This type of customer service is almost unheard of these days. D.K. 1/25/13

We got our order today! Wow that was fast for ground shipping. MMM These are the best candy on earth! Thanks! L.Y. 12/1/12

I appreciate that you go to the additional effort to keep your products safe and to let allergic people know they can have confidence in your company. As the grandparent of an allergic (peanut, tree nuts) child, I am sorely aware of the lack of concern many companies show for this situation.  I applaud your leadership. M.P. 5/7/12

Our daughter has severe food allergies and an oral aversion and will only eat your watermelon lollipops. Keep it up, keep it allergen free, thank you!!!! J. C. 4/28/12

I am a college student that has recently become addicted to Dum Dums, I usually have around 5-10 a day, and usually keep around 10 in my backpack that I share with my friends in study sessions. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product, and appreciate how I can get tubs of my favorite flavors. Thank you so much. K.C. 4/11/12

Thank you for making so many wonderful candies free of the Big 8 allergens. J.H. 3/10/12

Thanks for the fast and courteous service on this order. Item arrived well protected and in great shape. Wonderful product and brings back memories of my childhood so many years ago. A great treat even now!!! B. M. 12/01/11

Great canes for my give-a-ways at charity visits to schools and churches. S.D. 11/10/11

Thank you so much for your fast processing & delivery. Great company to work with. M.K. 10/21/2011

I just wanted to thank you so much for making soy free and soy safe circus peanuts! I really appreciate a company that recognizes and sacrifices for those with allergens especially without making the candy or food 3x the price. I can't thank you enough! Thank you again, A.C. 6/17/2011

My 3 year old grandson has so many food allergies you can not possibly know how excited we were to find something as a treat that he could eat safely. Keep up the good work. Even us grown-ups have been known to raid the candy drawer for a Dum Dum, so we appreciate all you do. D.R. 5/17/2011

I just wanted to offer a big thank you to your company. As a Mom with a kid with peanut and tree nut allergies I am so grateful to your company for going the extra mile to have "safe equipment." My 3 year old daughter is a big fan of Dum Dum Pops. I include them in all our parties and know I don't have to worry about "trace amounts of nuts." Thanks so much for giving me peace of mind. G.C. 2/5/2011

THANK YOU for dedicating your equipment so that it is free of peanuts and tree nuts.  My son has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and I am so grateful to find a candy that he loves and that is safe for him to eat! Please don't ever change your ways!  Thank you thank you thank you! K.O. 1/27/11

We have been using your company for almost 10 years and still very happy...F.D. 1/18/11

Thank you for using dedicated equipment for the pops my daughters' class has several nut allergies and so happy we found these! L.H. 10/17/10

Thank you for making allergy friendly candy. J.L. 10/13/10

Thank you so much for your great service. They arrived today and we leave for China tomorrow. They will be a hit with the Chinese. C.N. 9/9/10

We have been giving out these Saf-T-Pops for 2 years. Glad to see the "Thank You" wrappers. You may add us to your list of satisfied customers. J.G. 6/24/10

I just want to say THANK YOU for selling your lollipops by individual flavors. My son is Autistic..and only eats Blu Raspberry. Thank you for selling this individually and please keep making this flavor! I am sooo excited for him!!! PS..Santa is going to surprise him under the tree with three boxes! N.K. 12/3/09

Just want to say that the candy canes arrived yesterday in EXCELLENT condition. Both fast and intact. I'm impressed! Thank you so much. E.L. 9/16/09

We started sending out Saf-T-Pops with orders earlier this year. We did it as small token of our appreciation for the customers and in the hope that it would bring a few smiles in this turbulent year. The response has been very positive, who would have thought engineers like suckers almost as much as kids. We started with a small trial sending out roughly 25lbs of suckers a month. With the success and positive response we received we have extended the program to all orders. Fun for our customers and fun for us. D.B. 9/17/09

Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry...WOW talk about excellent customer service you guys at Spangler are fabulous! I teach 5th grade and every year our DARE officer has a Dum-Dum in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. The kids wanted to get him a T-shirt. Thank you again for your wonderful customer service! P.L. 04/19/09

I wanted to send you a short note to thank you for your help with this order. We did receive the suckers the next day after shipping and had plenty of time to put together the favors for the shower...Everyone loved them. Thanks again - it was fun talking with you! A.H. 04/21/09.

Thank you so very much!! I have caused my grandchildren to love your marshmallow peanuts because my own mother used to dole them out very sparingly to her own children (me being one of the recipients!!). I appreciate being able to order in some bulk so that I never have to say No!! J.M. 12/05/08

Wow, very impressive! Thanks so much for your prompt response, great customer service, and speedy shipping! T.B. 11/12/08

I just wanted to take the time to write your company a thank you letter. I have been eating dum dums ever since I was a little girl. I can honestly say that my favorite flavor is the root beer. Thank you for making the best lollipops a person can enjoy. - S. M. 10/16/08

This is my first time ever ordering candy from you and I just want to say that every time around the holidays I buy alot of candy canes and they are great ...thanks for such great product. - Jason M. 8/29/08

I'm very excited about my suckers! The mystery flavor is the best because it's like opening a present everyday. - Dan P. 6/19/08

Again - you all are very quick. I got the order yesterday. Thank you. Our family loves your products! - Lisa D. 3/29/08

I just ordered two boxes of Single Flavor Dum-Dum Pops and I wanted to say thanks for having an online ordering service. It's not too often that candy makers do that, and it's so much easier than trying to buy an assorted bag at local retailers just for those special flavors you love. Oh, and the shipping and processing time was also very fast. You can count on me ordering from you in the future! - William F. 1/30/08

By the way, your suckers are awesome! I used them to help my son learn colors! It's so nice to be able to share one of my favorite childhood sweets with my little guy - S.D. 8/23/07

And (as I am sure many have told you already) thank you for switching the kosher supervision to the O-U as it eliminates any question about the kosher status which is very important to us. - Manasseh K. 7/30/07

North Oaks Pediatric Clinic has been giving out your Safe-T-Pops to our patients for more years than I can remember (I've been here for 23 years). As one of the seven pediatricians in our practice, I can say that your pops are one of the reasons that many of our patients actually LOVE coming to the pediatrician's office. I thank you for keeping smiles on our otherwise unhappy "customers". - Chris L. 7/30/07

I just want to thank you --- I picked up a package of candy canes and saw your note that the candy canes do not contain peanuts, nuts, milk, eggs or wheat and that they were run on dedicated equipment. BLESS YOU. One of my children is allergic to peanuts, one is allergic to egg, and my third is allergic to milk. It is so hard to find safe treats for them at holidays. Thank you so much. When I saw that notation on the box I started crying right in the store I was so happy. - Stacey G. 12/14/06

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for keeping your Dum Dum Pops and Saf T Pops allergen free!!!! My 3 year old child has multiple severe food allergies and it is very hard to find candies without a warning that it has been processed in a facility that processes milk, nuts, eggs, etc. Please keep up the good work and continue to keep these items on dedicated lines. Thanks again!!! - Carolyn H. 09/01/06

My son is EXTREMELY allergic to eggs and peanuts and never gets to have the candy his older brothers do. I was told by our bank, that passes out your Dum Dum suckers, to look you up on line and see if they were safe. Thank you for the informational page. He is so excited to have a "real" sucker like his big brothers and I am very happy to know it is safe. - Salinas C. 11/12/05

I have been giving dum dums to my customers for 35 years! They love the purple ones. Can I buy boxes of the raspberry ones only? Thanks again for a real nice treat. It makes MY KIDS very happy. Cheers, - Phil E. Phils Barber Shoppe 2/22/02

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