How many calories in a Spangler Candy Cane?

We manufacture different sizes of candy canes. The caloric value will vary with the size of the candy cane. Listed are the different weights and caloric values. 1.0 oz - 110 calories .50 oz - 55 calories .15 oz - 17 calories. For more details, visit our Nutrition page.

What is the best way to store candy canes for next Christmas? Can I freeze them?

The best way to store hard candy for a length of time is to place it in a zipper lock bag and store in a dry place. Do not store candies in the freezer or refrigerator, as the moisture is too high.

Do you make sugar-free candy canes?

Unfortunately, we don’t make sugar-free candy canes.  We did a few years back, but the sales were too low to keep it.  We do sell 4 sugar-free hard candy items here

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