Top 5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Candy

It's easy to stay focused on business challenges and forget the importance of a little cheerfulness from time to time. Offering employees and customers a simple pick-me-up - like a free cup of coffee or tea or a piece of candy - can do wonders for people's frame of mind and, more importantly, their perception of your business.

The best way to buy is bulk candy, and here are five delicious reasons why...

1. Bulk candy is an economical way to stock up on your favorite treats.
There's no doubt about it. Candy is a sweeter deal when you buy it in bulk. Thrifty shoppers can save hundreds of dollars over time by purchasing their favorite sweets by the box or case. Then, the whole family can enjoy and share the candy throughout the year, no matter what the occasion.

2. Most candy has a long shelf-life, so it's easy to keep bulk candy fresh.
Candy that is kept in a cool, dry location will maintain its flavor and last for months. Use re-sealable or vacuum-sealable plastic bags or durable, air-tight containers for storage. Certain types of candy can even be frozen for extended periods of time. Be sure to label candy by purchase date and consume the oldest items first.

3. Bulk candy makes holiday preparation easier.
When you buy candy in larger quantities and store it properly, it can simplify your holiday planning. At Halloween, you won't have to worry about running out during your neighborhood's annual Trick-or-Treat event, and having the candy at your fingertips will minimize the stress of Christmas shopping and entertaining. Bulk candy is also handy at Easter time when you need to fill all those baskets.

4. Bulk candy is the perfect complement to birthday parties and special events.
An excellent, yet economical party favor for kids and grown-ups alike, bulk candy makes a great snack or dessert-table extra at reunions, weddings and banquets. Coordinate the sweets to match the event's theme and colors. At birthday parties, fill a piñata, use it in carnival games or wrap it up in treat bags that young guests will love.

5. Keep the candy dish full at work or during a fun community event.
At work, restock the candy dish for co-workers and customers every day for just pennies with bulk candy, and put a smile on the face of everyone who visits your office. Or, create custom assortments that suit your clients' needs or preferences. In addition, teachers and community youth leaders can use bulk candy as an inexpensive give-away at a variety of events geared for students of any age.

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