Quit Smoking | Smoking Cessation with Lollipops

According to the CDC, 68.8% of adult smokers in the U. S. report that they want to quit smoking completely. Whether you are a lifetime smoker or have just been smoking for a few years, making the decision to quit can be hard. With the right plan, however, you can break the addiction and manage your cravings to live a smoke free life. Many of our customers who have quit smoking have let us know that Dum Dums have been a big help on their journey. Some say our flavors have helped, while others have said these great little lollipops have been a sweet, low-calorie way to keep their mind off cravings. And while we wish we could say that Dum Dums are the perfect cure for kicking any old habit, we also know the hard work is all yours. So if you are looking to quit smoking, here are some great tips that can help you along the way.

1. Pick a "Quit Day" Pick a day within the next month as your quit day. Experts say that this step allows for enough time to mentally prepare yourself to quit and come up with a plan, but not too long to change your mind. Try choosing a date with special meaning like a birthday, graduation or anniversary. Once you have chosen a date mark it on your calendar and make a commitment to quit on that day.

2. Prepare for the Journey The second step is to prepare for your quit day and the journey beyond. Preparation may look different for each individual. Some like to smoke until quit day then stop "cold turkey," while others gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked daily. Then, get rid of potential triggers or opportunities for relapse. Dispose of all cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car or workplace. Tell a friend or family member your quit day and ask them to help keep you accountable.

3. Get Backup Thirdly, many experts and those who have quit smoking recommend having oral substitutes on hand when experiencing nicotine withdrawals. Sugarless gum, mints, suckers, cinnamon discs and toothpicks are all great options. Many fans have boasted that Dum Dums suckers are an easy, portable way to beat cravings. And, with 16 different flavors + the mystery flavor, 25 calories and no fat per pop (and gluten free to boot!) anyone can feel good about eating one or many, depending where you are in the process. Whatever you choose to use to help with your cravings, we know the willpower to quit smoking is all yours. We salute you on your journey and hope that our sweet little pops can be of help along the way. Stock up on bags of assorted flavors or single flavor tubs. Then tell us how it's going on Facebook!

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