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Do your kids have cabin fever, but you don't have a crafty bone in your body? With the winter months here, indoor activities are great for the family. At Spangler Candy, we know a thing or two about keeping kids happy. Here are two easy candy cane craft ideas that are sure to put a smile on your child's face.

Spangler® Candy Cane Centerpiece

Plain candles are beautiful decorations, but plain candles can be jazzed up and decorated for the holidays! A Spangler® Candy Cane Centerpiece can serve as a wonderful accent on any table and can be made by all members of the family - big and small. You need:

  • 10 unwrapped large Spangler® Candy Canes
  • 1 large round candle (at least 9 inches tall)
  • A hot glue gun, heated, and filled with hot glue
  • Festive holiday ribbons

After gathering supplies:

  1. Glue each candy cane to the candle with the hot glue gun. The candy cane hook should be facing straight out
  2. Let the glued candy canes dry
  3. After they are dry, wrap your festive holiday ribbons around the candle

This centerpiece can decorate any sized table and bring a unique holiday feel to your home.

Spangler® Candy Cane Rudolph

You need:

  • 1 Spangler® Candy Cane (still in plastic wrapper)
  • 1 small red pom-pom
  • 2 googly eyes, any size
  • A hot glue gun, heated, and filled with hot glue
  • 1 brown pipe cleaner

After gathering supplies:

  1. Cut the pipe cleaner in half. Cut one of the halves in two to make 3 pieces (1 long piece and two short pieces)
  2. To make the antlers, twist the long piece of pipe cleaner around the highest point of the curve on the candy cane so the pipe cleaner is in a V-shape. Take each of the smaller pieces and create V-shapes, too. To finish the antlers, wrap the smaller pieces around each point of the larger V to create a W on each side
  3. For Rudolph's red nose, hot glue the red pom-pom on the tip of the Spangler® Candy Cane curve
  4. Hot glue the googly eyes above the nose but lower than the antlers to complete Rudolph's face

Your child can proudly display their Spangler® Candy Cane Rudolph on the Christmas tree. Or better yet, create many and give to friends and family as holiday treats!

Both of these holiday candy cane crafts fill your home with holiday cheer and add smiles to faces during this joyful season.

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