Easy-To-Make Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas

If you're on a budget and in the mood for an indulgent holiday treat, here's an easy way to make one at home, that will save you time, money and calories!

A Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha is one of Starbucks' most popular holiday drinks. However, to pick up one from your local Starbucks can cost you an arm and a leg, with prices ranging from roughly $3.45-$4.55 a cup!

Outrageous? Indeed. Avoidable? Definitely. The best part: no need for an espresso machine, a milk frother, and flavored syrups.
Not As Hard As You Think

Ghirardelli Chocolates makes a White Mocha flavored premium hot beverage mix, which contains coffee and white chocolate already in it, which cuts out the need for an espresso machine and a white chocolate flavored syrup. One serving, which is two tablespoons, is 90 calories, none of which are from fat. When prepared with 8 oz. of hot skim milk, your glass turns into 180 calories, and, again, none from fat.

Adding peppermint flavor is as easy as stirring your drink with a candy cane instead of a spoon. One candy cane contains anywhere between 40-60 calories, while the leading peppermint flavoring syrup is 90 calories per 2 tbsp. serving. After the candy cane is melted into the drink, sip and enjoy! You could add whipped cream as a topping, but the drink is so sweet from the drink mix and the melted candy cane that it really isn't necessary.
Let's Do The Math!

Now that you know how to make this popular holiday drink at home, let's calculate how much you're saving. Let's start with the calorie count:

One serving of Ghirardelli White Mocha premium hot beverage mix: 90 calories, 0 from fat, 18g of sugar

One cup skim milk: 90 calories, 0 from fat, 12g of sugar

One Spangler candy cane: 55 calories, 0 from fat, 11g of sugar

Total: 235 calories, 0 from fat, 41g of sugar

Compare that to Starbucks', which uses 2% milk unless you get it customized:

Tall (12 oz.): 310 calories, 60 from fat, 52g of sugar

Grande (16 oz.): 400 calories, 80 from fat, 68g of sugar

Venti (20-24 oz.): 590 calories, 120 from fat, 101g of sugar

That is a huge difference in calories! Also keep in mind that when you make this at home, you can control the amount of sugar that goes into the drink by using a sugar-free candy cane. Starbucks doesn't have a sugar-free white chocolate mocha syrup as a menu option.

Ghirardelli's 16 oz. container of their White Mocha beverage mix costs $5.95. Divide that by 22 servings in the container and that comes to 27 cents per serving. For the price of a tall Starbucks drink, you can make 13 servings for your holiday party and serve this to family and friends!
In Conclusion

Making this drink at home is the way to go. More quality control and money saving to boot. Not to mention no long lines to wait in!

(nutritional information from Starbucks.com, Ghirardelli.com, Livestrong.com and MyFitnessPal.com)

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