School Group Tours

Spangler Candy Company now offers tours of the factory and a museum for an educational field trip experience. The Spangler Candy Store & Museum features historical information in a timeline fashion, along with samples of products and other artifacts from years past. The Dum Dums Trolley takes you through the candy pack-out and warehouse areas on the factory tour. Candy cooking and forming in the kitchen areas are shown via a DVD player throughout the trolley tour.

We have developed curriculum-based worksheets for Pre-K to 5th grade students. These worksheets cover basic math, history, science, and writing activities including history questions to answer during your trip to the museum, questions about nutrition and Dum Dums history, and other activities. Answer sheets are available on the day of the tour for teachers.

School year hours are Wednesday through Friday 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Other times are available when arrangements are made in advance. Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment during the school year, especially in May as this month tends to fill up more quickly than the others. We can be reached at (419) 633-6439 or toll-free at (888) 636-4221.

Questions and Activities

Draw a Dum Dum: K - 1st Grade (PDF)
Draw a Dum Dum: 2nd - 5th Grade (PDF)
Dum Dums Flavor History (PDF)
Dum Dums Flavor History Questions (PDF)
Nutritional Label Information Sheet (PDF)
Nutritional Label Questions (PDF)
Spangler Company Timeline (PDF)
Word Scramble Activity (PDF)
Questions: Pre-K - 1st Grade (PDF)
Questions: 2nd - 3rd Grade (PDF)
Questions: 4th - 5th Grade (PDF)

Find more printable activities on the Dum Dums web site.

Questions and activities are in PDF format. To get a free PDF reader, go to Adobe and download.

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