COMING 2023: Store, Museum & Virtual Tours to downtown Bryan!

As we anticipate this exciting new destination in 2023, curbside shopping will remain available throughout 2022 at our current store at the Spangler factory. Items ordered through the catalog must be picked up at our store in Bryan, Ohio. Call 419-633-6439 to purchase and arrange pickup. For online orders, see the menu categories above.  Trolley tours will remain closed.

Drum Man with kids at Store-MuseumDrum Man with kids at Store-Museum
Spangler Store and Museum
Spangler Merchandise CatalogSpangler Merchandise Catalog
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Items ordered through this catalog must be picked up at the store in Bryan, Ohio.

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400 N. Portland Street, Bryan, OH 43506  |  Telephone: 888-636-4221 or 419-633-6439


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Visit our Store and MuseumVisit our Store and Museum
Visit our Store and Museum

Great gifts for your family and friends! It’s hard to beat a visit to a candy factory!

Come to Spangler Candy Company, visit our Store and Museum!

The Store and Museum is located at our manufacturing plant in Bryan, Ohio, in the northwest corner of the state, ten miles south of the Ohio 80/90 Turnpike.

Look for the Tour Entrance signs at the corner of Mulberry and Portland streets, and park in the Store and Museum parking lot. 

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All of our delicious candy brands are for sale in the Store, along with tees, hoodies, candles, pens, mugs, and more, all with a Dum-Dums logo or design.  We also sell packages of single flavor Dum-Dums – a whole bag of just your favorite flavor!

Spangler Candy Company has been in business for more than 110 years, and is still family-owned. Our Museum highlights the history of our company’s products, achievements, and leadership since 1906.  Learn details of our history on the big screen in our video room. Hands-on activity stations are available for the children.

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Hours of operation for the Store and Museum vary throughout the year depending on factory holidays and production.  Extended days and hours are offered at peak times.  View Hours of Operation, or call us at 419-633-6439.

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