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Downtown and Courthouse Square Bryan, OHDowntown and Courthouse Square Bryan, OH
Downtown and Courthouse Square Bryan, OH

Spangler Candy...

  • was founded by Arthur G. Spangler in August 1906 as the Spangler Manufacturing Company
  • is headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, a town of about 10,000 in northwest Ohio
  • is a privately-held U.S. confectionery manufacturer
  • employs about 550 in the U.S. and 230 in a co-manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico
  • is a major manufacturer of lollipops, candy canes, circus peanuts, and sugar-roll candies
  • comprises over 500,000 square feet including office, manufacturing, and warehouse space
  • manufactures 12 million Dum Dums® each day. Learn how Dum Dums® are made.
  • crafts 2.7 million Candy Canes each day 
  • produces over 500,000 Saf-T-Pops® per day

Our Candies include...

Spangler Candy...

  • distributes its products nationally through grocery, drug, mass market, club stores, dollar stores, and candy wholesalers
  • sells its products through export brokers in many international countries
  • has high brand recognition - our brands are loved and trusted by generations of families.
  • lollipops and candy canes are given by businesses as a complimentary thank-you to their customers
  • operates the Spangler Fulfillment Center for web site sales.
  • participates as a founding member of the Candy Alliance, LLC

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