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SweetNature Candy Canes

SweetNature Candy Canes use flavors from natural food sources to create delicious tastes wtihout artificial flavorings. The bold stripes are created from the natural coloring found in vegetable juice. No artificial colors are used.

Jelly Belly Canes

SweetNature Candy Canes are made with no artificial colors and 100% natural flavors. Whether it's a sweet treat or holiday decoration SweetNature Candy Canes are great to have around the house. These candy canes are free of top common allergens and come in two flavor assortments:

12 count Peppermint
12 count Cinnamon
12ct Assorted Fruit:

1. Ripe Strawberry (4)
2. Honeycrisp Apple (4)
3. Black Cherry (4)


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