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Aurelio's Pizza 50 Year Dum Dums Giveaway Tradition


In 1959, Joe Aurelio, the founder of Aurelio's Pizza, thought that his customers deserved a treat after their meal. He began a tradition of giving away Dum Dums of all flavors with every leftover box, carry-out bag, and receipt. Half a century and counting later, Aurelio's Pizza has carried their "sweet" tradition to six states across the US.

Aurelio's is now owned by Joe's son, Joseph, who has kept his father's tradition. He knows that it makes their restaurant customers happy to receive sweet Dum Dums after their meal. "Our customers are 2 years old to 92 years old, and everyone always has their favorite flavor," he says. Joseph believes strongly in giving away Dum Dums with every meal. "Dum Dums are important to our brand, our product and our history. We're really proud to serve them."

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