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Jan 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Candy Cellophane Treat Bags

What's the best part of Valentine's Day? Sweets, of course! So why not make custom candy valentines with tempting treats inside? All you need are a few inexpensive supplies from the craft store and common household items to make your own unique valentine candy packages. Add in some candy in the color of the season, and you've created something truly special.

These easy cellophane crafts make a great class project or alternative to traditional paper valentines. You can use our ideas, or personalize the bags with your own choice of paper, decorations, and valentine candy wrappers. Write on them or leave them plain - it's up to you! Either way, your recipients will love getting a valentine gift with a handmade touch.

#1 - Valentine's Day Cellophane Treat Bags

Put several pieces of candy in clear cellophane bag, then decorate the top (card stock) with ribbon and hearts.

What You'll Need:

• One package of clear cellophane treat bags, 3 ¾" x 6"
• Assorted card stock in pink and red, plain or patterned
• Stapler
• Glue
• Scissors
• Assorted "Valentine's Day" colored candy (we used Spangler StrawMallows, Smarties, and Dum Dum Pops)
• Decorative ribbon
• Foam hearts

How to Make Them:

1. Take a cellophane treat bag and fill with candy about half way full. We used 3 ¾" x 6" treat bags from a local craft store.

2. Cut a piece of card stock 4" x 5" (or to fit your bag if a different size) and fold in half lengthwise over the top of the cellophane bag. Attach the card stock to the bag with a staple or two.

3. Decorate the card stock any way you choose - we used a variety of decorative ribbon, foam hearts, and paper hearts. Secure your decorations to the card stock with glue.

4. Personalize your bags or leave them plain.

5. That's it! In just a few short steps, you've made one-of-a-kind candy treat bags for Valentine's Day!

#2 - Chocolate Drizzled StrawMallows on a Stick

For a simple single candy treat wrapped in cellophane, try this easy project!

What you'll need:

• One roll of clear cellophane or small treat bags
• Scissors
• One bag of Spangler StrawMallows
• Semi-sweet chocolate chips
• Ziploc bag or icing bag with extra-thin tip (optional)
• Lollipop sticks
• Decorative ribbon

How to make them:

1. Make the chocolate drizzled Spangler StrawMallows. Place your StrawMallows on a piece of parchment paper.

2. Melt the chocolate chips, stirring regularly until smooth (either in the microwave or stovetop), and place in Ziploc bag. Make a very small cut (1/8") in one corner of the bag to start the flow of chocolate drizzle. Alternately, you can use an icing bag with extra-thin tip, or you can even skip the bag altogether and drizzle the chocolate with the tongs of a fork.

3. Go back and forth over the StrawMallows until you create your desired pattern and amount of chocolate. Allow them to cool completely.

4. Meanwhile, cut a 6" round of clear cellophane or use a small cellophane treat bag (we cut our own rounds)

5. Place each StrawMallow onto a lollipop stick and place in the center of the cellophane or in the treat bag.

6. Bring the cellophane around the StrawMallow and tie it tightly with a piece of decorative ribbon.

7. There you go! A chocolate drizzled StrawMallow on a stick!


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