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Jan 18, 2012

StrawMallow Candy Bouquet

This versatile candy craft project can be used as a show-stopping centerpiece or a special Valentine's Day edible bouquet. Loaded with beautifully arranged candy, it's equally ideal to give as a gift or to dress up a kitchen table or island.

What's even sweeter? This project is super-affordable and only takes a few minutes to assemble. We used pink, red and orange candy in different shapes and sizes, including adorable Spangler StrawMallows, to make our Valentine's Day candy centerpiece extra festive and fun.

Give this homemade bouquet as a gift, and it's sure to make someone's day super special!

What You'll Need:

• One bag Spangler StrawMallows (You can find them in the online candy store)
• One glass vase or hurricane
• 10-12 wooden 10" kabob sticks, depending on the size of your vase
• Assorted "Valentine's Day" colored candy (we used StrawMallows, gum drops, candy fruit slices, and red candy coins)
• Red or pink ribbon

How to Make It:

1. Take your glass vase and fill with Spangler StrawMallows.

2. Then take the kabob sticks and thread with Valentine's Day themed candy. We used Spangler StrawMallows, gumdrops, candy fruit slices, and red candy coins. We used about 5-7 pieces of candy per kabob. Be creative with your candy combinations!

3. Arrange the kabobs in the vase, making sure the bottom of the kabob sticks aren't exposed. The StrawMallows do a great job at keeping the kabobs in place!

4. Finish your centerpiece by tying a ribbon around the vase. We used thin pink ribbon studded with white hearts.

5. Place your one-of-kind candy centerpiece creation in your home or give a gift!


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